Idol Minds - Madagascar 2 Batch Building Interface
I wrote this simple GUI to speed up the building and launching process for levels on Madagascar 2. Our method of building and launching was all done through a command line tool which was time consuming to use. With this simple tool I could batch build all the levels with the click of a button. Since we were rebuilding multiple times on a daily basis, this simple tool saved countless days of development time. Unlike the command line tool, it also showed a status update to know when each level was built successfully. A simple right click on a built level would set it up to launch on the PS2. I also added a visual preview so you could easily identify the levels you wanted to work with.

Idol Minds - PNG Quant Batch Tool
This is a classic example of a quick and easy tool I wrote to save me lots of time with a very tedious task that came up at the last minute before a big milestone. I needed to use a dos based tool called PNG quant to force our texture files to be 256 colors with optional alpha. The problem was I had thousands of textures to run this process on in various locations. Typing each one by hand into the command line tool would have easily taken a day. Instead I wrote a simple GUI in a few minutes time to quickly select only the files I needed to quantize and batch process them to the command line tool in seconds.

FarSight Studios - Skateboarder Animation Tool
This is the tool I'm most proud of to date. We were doing a complicated sprite based skateboarding game but had absolutely no sprite based animation tools to work with. This tool allowed us to script out animation sequences and play them back in real time with a few simple clicks. It was vital that we reused as many frames as possible to save memory, so many frames from the original animation sequences were removed or shared. Our sound effects were also scripted in with the animations by assigning a playback id at the appropriate frame from within the tool. The character was rendered with wacky colors that were palette swapped out to make several unique looking characters from the same animation sets.

FarSight Studios - Artist Header Tool
This was a tool I wrote to speed up the art production pipeline. The game engine handled all of its assets through script, and entering several hundred textures in by hand can be very time consuming. You also had to specify the bit depth, which could really slow you down. Draw order was also partially controlled by the order you listed the textures in so you want all alpha textures at the end. This tool automatically generates a new header with accurate bit depths and draw order placement at the click of a button.

Klines Jewelry Online - Inventory Editor
I wrote this tool to make it super easy to add and remove inventory from the website without any knowledge of html. All you have to do is enter the item info into the form. The image is named after the item number so it's automatically found. Then a simple click of the Generate New HTML button handles the rest.

F-22 Raptor - INFERNO Command Center
This tool was created so my squadron would have a way to chat securely in a conference room about our missions. It required a connection through a custom tcp/ip server application. It featured a large interactive drawing board and custom graphics of the key objects and maps from NovaLogics F-22 Raptor. This made planning strategic attacks much simpler and enabled everyone to remotely get in on the action.

F-22 Raptor - INFERNO Squadron Manager
This tool was created to enable me to have an easy way to track statistics on all of my squadron members. I created a point system similar to a role playing game where they would earn awards for completing different tasks. To manage all that, I needed a simple interactive database that tracked their successful missions, when they attended practices, how many kills they've had, and so on.

F-22 Raptor - Easy Edit
This tool was created to give people a quick and easy way to have fancy symbols and color schemes in their callsigns and squadron names for NovaLogics F-22 Raptor. Accessing the extended characters was impossible in game and not everyone was savy enough to remember all the color codes. This just made it easy...hense easy edit.

Period Tracker
This is kind of a no brainer! I needed an easy way to keep track of my wifes periods and ovulation cycles. This made it a lot easier to plan for pregnancy when we wanted it, and to avoid it the rest of the time.

Musician War - Voting Tool
Musician War is a site I've been a member of for a long time. The basic concept is a music competition between 2 people. Everyone else is suppose to judge the songs based on several judging criteria. The goal in writing this tool was to simplify voting, make it more accurate, and give better feedback to the competitors without the need for detailed comments.

Musician War - Score Average Tool
While this tool is nothing more than a simplified calculator, it provided a quick and easy way to see how a win or a loss would affect a competitors score. It also made it easy to see how many wins you would need to get into the elite .500 club.

Alarm Clock
Yet another simple but practical tool I wrote. I needed an alarm clock on my laptop for when we travel. This one plays whatever wav or mp3 I specify as an alarm tone.

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